Friday, September 12, 2014


We are continuing with the harvest, which should last into the middle of November, should the weather cooperate!

Following are pictures of all the volunteers helping with the Farm Harvest.  As mentioned before, we really appreciate the volunteers.

Beautiful Carrots



All of the crates are power washed before being
loaded with vegetables to be delivered to
the Storehouse.

Beautiful Gardens

 Another view of the grow boxes containing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers



Families come to the Farm to help with the
harvesting and washing.

Sister Christensen is washing the carrots.  Shade cloth was installed over the stations to help with the sun and to make it more comfortable in washing the vegetables.

Also, everyone who is washing the
vegetables are to wear these blue plastic gloves and usually a heavy duty plastic apron to keep dry.

Volunteers picking cantaloupe and squashes out in the field.

In the above grow boxes romaine lettuce is being planted for a late fall crop.

And the pumpkins are growing nicely; we hope to harvest them close to Halloween.


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