Sunday, September 21, 2014


This post contains numerous pictures of the volunteers and missionaries serving
at the Sandy Vegetable Farm.

We are continuing with the harvest and will do so now until the frost.   Some of our crops withstand frost; they being celery, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. 

We also have grapes surrounding the perimeter of the Farm.  After the first frost, these grapes will be ready to be picked.  For the last two years we have picked grapes and bottled delicious grape juice.  We are planning on doing picking grapes again this year, as this will be our last year at the Farm.

HARVEST to date is 17,626 pounds !

Pumpkins to be harvested in late October.

 Sister Christensen washing the peppers;
sweet pepper and hot peppers
Peppers being delivered to Bishop's Storehouse

The Field - corn in background, then various varieties of
squash, cantaloupe and tomatoes in foreground.

Cabbage being harvested

Another view of cabbage in the grow boxes.

 Celery likes cooler weather.  The above crop will
be ready to harvest mid November.

Grow box of lettuce to be harvested the middle
of October.

Here is a close-up of  romaine lettuce, which has
been very popular this year at the Storehouse.
So far this season we have harvested 1,530 pounds.

The above is one of many zucchini plants growing up
rebar.  It is really easy to pick these vegetables.

Cantaloupe vines growing on top of weed cloth
to keep the fruit nice.  So far this year we have
harvested 529 pounds of cantaloupe.

One of our missionaries checking out the
squash plants.

Above is Butternut Squash.  We are still in the
middle of this harvest, currently bringing in 624 pounds.

Another view of the bush variety of Zucchini.

The above is a days harvest of vegetables
from the farm.  The above comprises
of 713 pounds of produce.

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