Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What A Week . . . . Harvesting in the Rain ! !

Marigolds and romaine lettuce. 

Our volunteers didn't come on Thursday,
so the missionaries picked the garden in the Rain !!

Our group of missionaries during prayer meeting.
We have really enjoyed working with these folks.

More Missionaries

And even more .....

A missionary checking out the cabbage
and broccoli plants.

Even though it is raining, the harvest still
needs to be picked and transported to the
Storehouse.  Above they are picking
cantaloupe.  We have harvested over 700 pounds
so far this season.

Missionaries & volunteers out picking pumpkins.
We have a wonderful crop of pumpkins
this year.

Volunteers picking tomatoes.  We have
harvested over 2,136 pounds so
far this season.

More tomato pickers.

Sister Christensen washing the butternut
squash.  We have harvested over 854 pounds
so far this season and more to come.
When Sister Christensen was finished washing
she was soaked from head to foot, washing vegies
in the rain.

One of our missionaries "power washing" the packing crates.
He also was washing in the rain.

Missionaries sorting tomatoes.

Sorting the tomatoes was moved inside
the shed, to avoid the rain.  The
tomatoes are really good this year.
Each tomato is sorted and wiped clean
with paper towels.  We do not wash the
tomatoes with the water bath.

 Another view of Sister Christensen
out in the rain helping with the harvest. 
She's dressed in her boots, hat, rain coat,
special washing gloves and rubber apron.
Today we took over 500
pounds of produce to the Storehouse
and when done we were all wet to the bone.

Missionaries assembling in the shed after the
harvest in the rain.

More of our wonderful missionaries.

Another missionary coming in from the rain.
Not only was it raining, but it was quite cold.

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