Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We are nearing the end of our Garden / Farm Mission.  Following are pictures of the last days of clean-up and harvesting.  We had 'volunteers' helping us up to October 30th.  As mention before "we really appreciate our volunteers".

 Picking in the field

Final days our cucumbers growing vertical.

We still have cabbage, celery, broccoli & cauliflower to harvest.
These are "cold weather" plants.

A close up view of the cucumbers.

We covered the peppers for a few nights until the 'hard' freeze
and then they were gone.

In the field we used "weed block" for the
vines to grow on and prevent weeds.

Volunteers are cleaning off the weed block and
vines.  They will roll up the weed block to be
used another year.

Volunteers and missionaries picking peppers.

All the plants in each grow box will need to be pulled.  Then the
weed block is swept off and rolled up.

This year as we pulled up the plants they were spread out on the
field.  Following this the plants are then plowed into the ground
and will compost until next year.

Everyone helps with the getting the boxes ready for winter.

Missionaries and volunteers helping get the
grow boxes ready for winter.

Sister Christensen washing out the crates
before loading them with produce.
Note how she is dressed; it's pretty cold by
now but the harvest still needs to be done.

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