Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Produce being harvested. . .

Following are pictures of the harvest into late October.
Our largest Butternut Squash.  We took 2,235 pounds
to the Storehouse.

Pumpkins - we took 3,699 pounds to the Storehouse

Various stages of Tomatoes.  We harvested 2,649 pounds

Vegies ready to go to the Bishop's Storehouse.

 We harvested 1166 lbs. Sweet Peppers and
838 lbs.  of Hot Peppers.

Beautiful white cauliflower.  So far this season we
harvested 539 lbs. of Cauliflower; 235 lbs. of  Broccoli,
and 1,593 lbs. of  Cabbage. 
Should the weather stay nice, we will continue to harvest
the above vegetables.

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