Friday, February 13, 2015


13 Feb - Friday  by Carolyn
Well, I'm at the end of my first week.  I AM STILL ALIVE!!   I have learned a lot this week about office work.  Seems weird that I can feel like a missionary while I'm doing office work, but I do.  I know I am doing the Lord's work.  The cute missionaries that come into the office bring the spirit in with them, and we couldn't have nicer people to work with.  Also, the other two couples we work with are wonderful - the Abbotts and Taggarts.  We are sad that they will be gone by summer. 
Pix of our office - standing in the middle looking towards the front door and Sister Abbott's and my desk. Nice and roomy - though you can't tell in the picture.  All the photos on the wall and Sister Taggart are in Sister Taggart's cubicle.  
Now, looking toward the back. Two more cubicles, a storage area and the door to the President's Office at the back.  Elder Abbott & Elder Christensen's office is to the left of the Pres. Office.  The brown doors contain a small kitchenette.  Past the kitchenette on the right is a conference room and an office for Elder Taggart - our Car Czar.
We celebrated Valentines Day today.  Elder & Sister Abbott brought in a fun & delicious desert to us for lunch.  Each couple got our own bowl to share.  Taggarts are on the left, and Abbotts are on the right.  Sister Abbott is a nurse, and got thrown into being a non-typist secretary in November.  I think she's glad I'm here.

There were packages being delivered all day.  Envy!!!.  In the afternoon, one man delivered a nice red box, and as he came in the door, he turned to me, saw my name tag, and said "This is for you!"  Great surprise.  It was 12 chocolate covered strawberries sent from fmjjj (Fred, Mary, Jude, Jareth, Jady) through "Edible Bouquets". 
Tonight was date night.  We were too tired to do anything - except laundry.  We can do that in our building to the tune of 1.00 per load to wash and 1.00 a load to dry.  But very convenient.  We are enjoying the rest of date night, just sitting around.  It floats "our" boat. 

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  1. What, no black cat in the mission office on Friday, Feb. 13th? Looks like you are relishing the first few days in your Chicago mission. New experiences now and more to come. Blessings to you and all the missionaries there.