Wednesday, February 11, 2015


From Carolyn
I have been training for three days now to be a MISSION SECRETARY !!!!  Each time I get discouraged, I think that this is the Lord's work and he will help me.  BUT when?!!?  Actually, I do feel I am getting a lot of help.  I have a wonderful trainer.  That poor woman was commandeered into being a secretary along with being the mission nurse for the last two months after the other secretary finished her extended stay mission.   One problem.  She types with two fingers and has never done secretarial work in her life.  Just proof that when God is your partner - you can get the job done.  (Now I understand why they say Senior Couples Are NEEDED.)
 I am trying to get IMOS letters up and running which so far has produced two or three calls to Salt Lake from a desperate  mission secretary, three bags of shredded practice letters that didn't turn out,  two giggling sisters when I produced 45 letters for 15 people, a pounding headache, and four hours spent doing what should have taken 30 minutes.  But I will prevail (with the help of Heavenly Father).  I am determined to be able to work the program as it should be worked. 
Wondering what IMOS is?      Internet Mission Office Systems
The program that hopefully and eventually most if not all mission offices will be using to produce the myriads of forms and letters that have to be produced.  Right now, I estimate that we use a ream of paper per missionary in a mission office.  More later.

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