Sunday, March 8, 2015


On Saturday March 7th and after the baptism, we motored down to Lake Michigan and traveled north up the coast for a little.  Following are some of the pictures we took of Lake Michigan.

The colors of the lake were very brilliant today (Saturday)

The Missionaries, Elder and Sister Christensen.
We Love our Mission and the senior couples we serve with in the office.

We especially love all the young elders and sisters;  they bring a
Bright Light into our lives.  We are trying to remember all their names.

At the present time we have about 210 missionaries -
32 are leaving next transfer and 12 missionaries arriving. 
By the summer we should have about 150 missionaries.

The coast is beautiful, even in March with
snow and frozen ice still on the ground.
Since coming to Chicago, there has only been
2 days with temps over 32 degrees.  That was
Saturday and today, Sunday.

The coastline and ice on Lake Michigan.

Another coast line view of the ice and snow.
People are walking out on the ice edges - looks fun
but unstable, I guess.

The contrast of the blue lake and the white ice
and snow makes a pretty picture.

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