Sunday, March 8, 2015


WOW, we attended an International Dinner at the North Shore 2nd Ward in Wilmette, IL on Saturday.  It was just wonderful, lots of countries represented and food everywhere and from these countries. 

Some of the countries represented were:  Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, United States, Jamaica, Sweden, Denmark, Philippines, Mongolia, The Congo, Korea, Japan, and several countries in South America.

Following are some pictures of the event.

Danish Pastries.  They were delicious, of course,
because I am Danish !!

Missionaries helping with the decorations

Young child from Mongolia descent

Displays from the Ukraine

Display from Australia.  This was the dessert table. 
The delicious desserts from Australia came later.
The desserts were made with berries, cream and meringue which
was baked.  Yummy

The above gentleman lived in the Congo for several years
before coming to Chicago with his family.
He is wearing the traditional Congo dress.

Main dish food from the Congo.  It's
made with beef and the light part is
a hard noodle.  I suppose to pick up the meat.

Appetizer from Mexico.  This is a corn tortilla with
black beans spread over the tortilla and topped
with a cheese assortment.  Delicious !!
Behind the tortilla is a cold soup made with
yogurt, dill and garlic.
This map was displayed.  Everyone put pins in the countries where
they were from or their descendants were from.  Pretty colorful.

A Sister Missionary from Australia helping with the
displays.  This one is for Great Britain. 

The final event of the night was a Pinata. 
Above is a Sister Missionary helping with this event.

The children really loved this event and especially the Pinata.


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  2. I wish my ward/stake had something like this!