Sunday, March 22, 2015


Saturday March 21, 2015
     Today is our "P" Day, however, we got up early to help with the Chicago Family History Fair.  It was a well attended affair.  Sister Christensen and I helped with the registration and after that, we headed towards Chicago via Lake Michigan drive.  We ended up in Evanston, IL which is home to Northwestern University.  We took lots of pictures.  They have lots of Beautiful Churches.


We first stopped at Lake Michigan to get another glimpse of the beautiful
water and sand.

On the way to Northwestern University sits this beautiful light house.  We took
lots of pictures.  And.....

next to the light house sits this beautiful building which is an Art Museum.
It wasn't open, but will stop another day.

Sister Christensen and I enjoying this beautiful day together.  We enjoy
serving this mission in beautiful Chicago where we hear numerous
languages and see all nationalities of people. 
We enjoy being around everyone.

In Evanston lies numerous Churches.  They are most beautiful and very
ornate.  We can hardly wait till summer when all the greenery is abound
and can visit here again.

Another beautiful and ornate Church.
I am grateful to be in Chicago and see how everyone is so friendly and
On Friday night all the Senior Missionaries in the Chicago Mission had dinner at the Mission Home with President and Sister Woodbury.  It was a wonderful evening and especially nice for Sister Christensen and I as we met seniors we haven't met since being here.
We truly enjoy being around these missionaries. 
We especially love and enjoy the President and his companion. 
It's such a joy to be in their presence. 
This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and we are
grateful to be out in this area of the kingdom proclaiming that Jesus is the Christ.
Again we are grateful to be in Chicago with fellow friends and missionaries.

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