Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Finally, some pix of our great missionaries with their permission
 (if somewhat reluctantly for some).

Two of our great missionaries.  Elders Zacher & Eichers, our APs (Assistant to the President).
(Sister Eichers, if you are looking at this, you have a great !!! son, as do the Zachers.)

It must have been a day for Zone Leaders.    Above is Elder Northcott.
Below:  Elders Northcott, Yeates, Alvey & Jorgensen.

We see these Elders occasionally as they come into the office for supplies and mail and packages for the missionaries in their zones.

Whoops - how did that pix get in here. 
(Honestly, we don't encourage this type of behavior.  HA !)

Elders Petersen, Northway, Worlton and Howard (a new missionary).
They came to dinner and to have a great discussion on activating members and electricity. (huh?)


  1. Ahhh. Yep, I'm looking at this blog and loving it!

  2. Of course there would be a conversation about electricity with Elder Howard there! Thanks for feeding our son!