Sunday, July 19, 2015


Our "P" Day Saturday we, six senior missionaries, went on the
Chicago's Original Architecture Tour on the River.
Notice in the background the weather was a little cloudy
but we thought nothing about it.
We boarded the boats and began our journey on the river.

Above is a map of the River System of Chicago.  We
went on all the rivers today.
Back to the story, we pulled out into the River and a couple of
rain drops began to fall.  Didn't think much about it, but
then all of a sudden
it  was a deluge of rain and lots of it.
We became "soaked" in a matter of seconds.  By the
time they handed out the "ponchos", we were soaked.

 However, it didn't stop our enjoyment of the River and the
Architecture Tour of all the beautiful buildings on the River.

Each of the Buildings on the River has a name.

 This building shows the "road system" of Chicago.

I took the following pictures of the buildings because
of their beauty.

They are really massive, especially being on the water
in a boat sailing past.

This building is completely filled with windows.
It was pretty with the sun peaking through the clouds
shinning on the building.

Above is the Willis (formerly the Sears) Tower.
This is the 2nd tallest building in the World.
For years it was the tallest until Dubai built
the tallest.
It's the building with the two white spires.

 I tried to capture how massive each building was.
I think I did it on this photo.

The above building, right on the water, is called the "corn cob".
In fact there are two.  The lower part of the building is parking and the
upper floors are the condo's.  This particular building is a city in
itself.  There is a grocery store, restaurants, etc.
 One wouldn't even need to leave this area

Another massive beautiful building on the water front.

This particular building is on Michigan Avenue's
Magnificant Mile - the upscale shopping center
of Chicago.  We have only started on this Mile
and really enjoyed the Candy Store.  The
Magnificant Mile will be another P Day.
When we finally got back to the Dock, we were soaked
to the bone and kinda chilly.  The sun never came out to
dry us off, which we had hoped for.
Anyway all the way back to the parking lot at Navy Pier we
were trying to decide whether to go to Margie's Ice Cream for
sundaes.  Finally arriving at our car, still cold, jumping in and turning
on the heater for just a few moments until the 90 degree weather caught
up with us.
Well, we decided to go to Margie's and WOW it was just
We each order a Sundae thinking it to be regular. 
Some didn't want nuts, some this and that.
I wanted lots of whipped cream, and I got it, lots and lots.
Margie's was really fun and enjoyable.

The Senior Sisters enjoying their Sundaes.  I was taking the picture.

I'm going to go back to Margie's again. 
It was a lot of fun, especially with the
most wonderful Senior Missionaries
of the Illinois Chicago Mission.

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