Sunday, July 19, 2015


We went to this produce store that has 7 or 8 long isles
of all kinds of produce - Jerry's ----

and chose a fruit to try that we had never heard---
 Jack Fruit

It sold by the pound so we just bought a slice -
which weighed about 5 pounds.

Some shoppers told us what to do with the Jack Fruit.

At the office, Von donned disposable gloves and cut it up.

Most of it was waste with a big rind and huge core. 
The little pockets of yellow are the edible fruit. 
We all agreed that in taste and texture,  we were eating a
pinealope or a cantapple. 
It tasted like pineapple and cantelope.

We liked it - but not enough to buy it again. 
We will try something else next time.

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