Monday, August 3, 2015


We have lots of parents check our blog for missionaries.  SO occasionally we like t put lots of pictures of missionaries on the blog.  Also, since this is our journal, this is a great way to keep pix of some very wonderful missionaries.  Parents, if we don't have your missionary on here, email us. If we duplicate any previous pix, sorry. 

IMPROMPTU lunch.  All these missionaries came in for different reasons.  We had enough leftovers for ham sandwiches.

Some people use this cart to bring in boxes.....and some people use it for other reasons.

This cute guy is in our area.

These six Elders are great missionaries.

One of ours.  She came out when we did.  IN THE COLD !

SAD.  We are losing this one tomorrow.  She finally got her Visa to Bulgaria.  She is a wonderful missionary and did lots of good things while she was with us.

Some goofy Elders.  They take their missionary work seriously - but in the office (when they stop by for supplies), we have fun.

Another District of great missionaries.

All these sisters came on our last transfer.  So exciting.  Your seeing the amazing and famous Chicago "bean" (actually Cloudgate Sculpture) in the background.

Some of these pictures come from facebook.  Thanks to the parents!

This cute missionarywill be with us only 5-6 more weeks.  Hard to see them leave.

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  1. Thank you for posting all these great pictures..Elder Baum is ours, and he looks great!!