Sunday, August 2, 2015


and is returning home to Draper, Utah....

Sister White and her faithful companion Sister Last.
They got to know each other before they arrived in Chicago
and has been companions for 10 months.
The above picture isn't their normal office dress -
the are on the Chicago River Tour with other senior missionaries
during a rain storm.  Oh that was a Fun  Day.

After the River Tour and we were all Wet, we
decided to go to Margie's Ice Cream Parlor.
We're sitting enjoying ourselves in an
air conditioned room and we are still
very Wet, but we all enjoyed the day and
the association with one another.

Sister White in the Mission Office learning how to make
scripture covers using duct tape.

Sister White is very intent on making this project just right.

Sister White and Sister Last working on a project
on their patio.  They are packaging oxiclean and laundry
soap to distribute to the missionaries.  Great project.

Sisters Last and White

Sisters White and Last

Sister Christensen with Sister White's grandson, Braxton.
We were all visiting at Sisters White and Last's apartment.
Braxton gave Sister Christensen a hat to wear (bowl)
and then he wore his.  They are playing a game.
Sweet young man. 


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