Thursday, August 13, 2015


We want to keep a record (in pix) of what our office looks like. So here is a tour in pictures.
As you walk in the door, you see this. 
To the right is Sister Christensen's cubicle, and to the left are
the other offices, cubicles, and a walk way.
Elder Christensen's office.  Among other things, he is in charge of housing, key indicators, ordering office supplies, and finances for mission and missionaries He has plenty of space in which to work.  He is facing his door wall where you can find pictures of all our missionaries individually.
 Sister Christensen does her thing here - whatever that is.  Mostly she keeps records for the mission. She also keeps picture records.  The file cabinets are covered with pictures of missionaries which are updated quite often.

When you come in our door,
you see Sister Christensen in her cubicle on your right.

Here is the conference room,
and Sister Atkinson's Office
who does her best to keep our missionaries HEALTHY.

The President's office is used mostly for smaller conferences and planning by the AP's and missionaries. 
The President's Office that he uses the most is in his home.
Sister Williams, in her cubicle, is our current IPAD Secretary
and the meal coordinator and phone manager.

Sister Last, hiding behind the flowers, is our referral secretary,
mail person, and she orders all our missionary supplies.

In this office, Elder Atkinson is in charge of the cars (the Car Czar) - which means he is monitoring the new Tiwis.  What a job !!!!
Here is a cubicle for sorting mail, sending mail, and doing lots of copy work.  Also storage.  Actually, there are materials stored in every cubicle and office in our suite. 

Speaking of storage - this is our storage room.  Packages coming in to the missionaries (several a day) go on the shelves where Zone Leaders collect them and take them to their missionaries. 
At Christmas, this place will be PACKED !!!!
Not shown, we have a closet that opens up with a sink and cupboard and microwave.  Another closet opens up for storage and a fridge.
We enjoy our office and understand from various sources that it is a very adequate mission office.

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