Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Two new words have been added to our missionary language,
and all the senior missionaries are VERY relieved.
Driver Accountability Program
Below is a picture of the TIWI device. 
 Some parents may know about this device,
as it is publicly marketed and is popular
with parents of teenage drivers.
A close-up of the device through a windshield.

This shows the size a little better.
This device has been piloted in 26 missions worldwide. 
We senior missionaries (and many of our young missionaries)
are so happy to know that because of this device, 
 accidents and tickets and vehicle damages with mission cars
 (with our beloved missionaries in them)
have reduced DRASTICALLY.
Following is a paragraph that introduces this (possible) lifesaver.
We added all the materials in (  ).
"To help you drive safely, a device called Tiwi is installed in your car. 
It will give you (audible voice ) feedback as you drive and will
record information about your driving. 
The Tiwi identifies your location using a GPS system
and gathers driving information from your vehicle's computer. 
Your Tiwi will MENTOR (caps added) you as you drive
by giving you immediate feedback if you:
*   Drive without fastening your seat belt
* Drive too fast for the posted speed limit.
* Drive aggressively such as stopping or turning too hard
(and it has to be hard to set off the Tiwi)
* driving over bumps too fast, or accelerating too fast 

This information is reported to your mission president and vehicle coordinator."
A Few More Facts
---Any driver must swipe a card so the Tiwi always knows who is driving.
---Driving problems are also reported to headquarters in Salt Lake.
---If the Tiwi is tampered with, the driver looses driving privileges.
---If a driver goes too fast, is aggressive, or doesn't fasten the seat belt,
the Tiwi gives voice warnings to the driver before it is reported
so the driver can correct his driving without an infraction being reported. 
In other words, one or two small slip ups don't make a missionary a bad driver..
--- Tiwis will be on ALL mission vehicles - even the ones driven by senior missionaries.
---At our meeting today, when asked if the missionaries had ever been frightened
by the driving of any of their companions - 95% raised their hands.
---We have heard the Tiwi referred to as 'a modern liahona' for drivers.
It is also being called a Mentor, a Helper, a Driving Instructor
Green Dot: .......................Rarely commits violations
Yellow Dot:.......occasionally commits moderate violations.
 (Four transfers{24 weeks}of yellow dot driving = a red dot.)
Red Dot:..Frequently commits moderate to severe violations.
 (Temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges.)
Your driving missionaries (and their riding companions
and the public in general) are being protected,
and the drivers are learning to be better drivers.
The TIWI cannot report the running of red lights or stop signs,
 and other inappropriate driving. 
 But in missions where the Tiwis are in operation,
accidents and driving damages have decreased by more than half. 
That means our missionaries are more SAFE. 
After the meeting today, one missionary complained to us that he was upset he could
no longer drive 90-100 miles per hour on the freeway. !!!!! (We hope he was joking)
If not ------

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  1. What a great idea! Maybe we should have these for all of us out here in the real world! Ha ha! thanks for sharing! ;)