Thursday, February 18, 2016


On Tuesday night of transfers, we have dinner
in the mission home with those missionaries
that are leavingthe next day.
Our wonderful President's wife makes sure each
missionary has a favorite food at the dinner.
Two missionaries chose roasted Veggies.

Another missionary chose bacon wrapped chicken.
We also had deep dish bar-b-q chicken pizza,
Chicken and Waffles,
2 kinds of salads,
banana cream pie,
and even more. 
After dinner we have testimony meeting. 
At this particular meeting, the seniors
also participating by bearing their testimonies.
Then, of course, we couldn't leave until pictures were finished.
We got to know some of these returning missionaires
when we first arrived, as they were in our area.
So hard to see them leave.

Sister G. couldn't leave until Wednesday afternoon, and
then looked forward (???) to a 32 hour flight
to Perth, Australia.
Small note of interest:
This sister saved her money to live in Italy for a year, then
realized that Heavenly Father was calling her to a mission.
She ended up in Chicago........and was a wonderful
representative of Christ.
This Elder helped feed us in the office waffles in one of the
first weeks of our mission

This Elder nursed us through our "greenie" days.
We will miss him a lot.

If any of you remember Russ and Pam Jorgensen -
 THIS IS THEIR NEPHEW from Richfield.
Another tie to our ward at home.
The tall young woman in black is a
niece of Matt and Carol Warnock.
We love these missionaries!  Good-bye.

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