Sunday, February 21, 2016


We spent part of our Saturday visiting several churches in Chicago.
These buildings are breathtaking in their beauty.
They are a reminder to us of how others incorporate their
love of God and Christ in their life. 
All Christians want to do what we can to express our love
for God and Christ.
St. Hyacinth Basilica is one of Chicago's
beautiful Polish churches. 
The sanctuary, as well as the rest of the building
was magnificent.

Always, the stained glass windows are beautiful.
The stations of the cross were lovely.
St. Mary's of the Angels

So many lovely statues and depictions and wall decorations
representing the power and glory of God. 

Again, magnificent is the only way to describe these churches.

St. Nicholas

This church was unusual in that the service is presented
in the round with the sanctuary in the center instead of
the top of the cross architecture of the building.

This church has a lot of Spanish parishioners. 
It was interesting to see the Stations of the Cross
depicted in the above manner.

Today we worshipped in our own beautiful building.
It was like coming home after visiting
the churches of other denominations.

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