Sunday, March 20, 2016


This zone conference takes place in the
northern most part of the mission.
Time to leave the chapel,

And gather in the gym for a relay.
The challenge was to greet an investigator,
teach a gospel principle,
give an invitation,
and to get a referral,
When your missionary gets home, ask for a demonstration of this.
You be the investigator.  These young people were amazing.

 In case you can't tell, this zone conference
happened on St. Pat's Day.
Lucky us.  We feasted on
corned beef, ham, potatoes, cabbage, and green jello.
with chocolate mint ice cream and brownies for desert.

Each stake where we meet has assigned a ward RS to
feed our hungry mob.  They all do a wonderful job.

Our missionaries are helpful.  They gather
up the throw-aways, and put tables and
chairs away.  We also sing the "Thank You"
song to each group of ladies, and shake their hands.
(Some of us also collect recipes.)

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