Sunday, March 20, 2016


Each Zone Conference is comprised of the area of a stake. 
There are four stakes in this mission. Sometimes
we have two zones in one stake and they meet together.
(The mission in which we live at home has 57 stakes.)

Another highlight of these zone conferences was
our study of a case history about Sister Fulcher. 
Our APs taught us 12 ways from that case study
that we could effectively work with members
to do this work.

Because of this conference and our mission, we will be
going home with a much different attitude about our
role in helping the full-time missionaries.

For one things, we will offer to be
"member presence"
when the missionaries teach.
There is a much higher rate of success
when members go with the
The amazing thing is that the member only needs to
bear testimony.  The missionaries do all the teaching.

Can't forget lunch.  Baked potato bar and salad.

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