Sunday, March 20, 2016


Monday afternoon we drove to Indiana.
The next day we participated in the
Valpo Zone Conference.
We met in the RS room for the first part of the day.
The theme (for all four conferences) was
F O C U S.
The idea is to focus on working with MEMBERS to
do our missionary work.
F =                Faith in Christ, our members and ourselves
O = Obedience in order to receive the blessings we need
to do this work, and to help the members
trust us.
C = Christ and His part in our work, and bringing people
to Him.
U=     Unity, especially with the ward members because
their participations makes so much difference
in our success.
S=    Spirit.  If we do all the above, and invite the Spirit,
we can be successful in the work.

Sister Woodberry sent us on an Easter Egg Hunt.  Each of
the paper eggs contained a name.  We had to look high and
low for those eggs.  Some were Spanish and had to be
traded to the Spanish missionaries.  Some were held by
members (us seniors) and they had to ask us for the eggs.
We talked about the enthusiasm we needed to find the
eggs, and our new investigators. 

A highlight, of course, was the delicious lunch of
passole (hominy chicken salad)  and salad.

Do they look hungry?

Elders.  Is that part of the centerpiece you're wearing.
We have been to a lot of places
and seen great things in Chicago.....
but no sight is greater
than our missionaries.
And no activity is more fulfilling
than meeting with our missionaries
to learn about missionary work
and feel the Spirit.

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